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An all new post-game experience

With this new patch, after the match ends, all the players go to a separate room where they watch the game results on a big screen!
And, meanwhile, you can still walk around, shoot others and chat, all while you show-off how good you were![/zilla_column] [zilla_column column="two-third" last="true"]Content01[/zilla_column] [zilla_column column="two-third"] Content02[/zilla_column] [zilla_column column="one-third" last="true"]

Show-off your great stats

During the new Post-Game, others can see who was the MVP of the match, followed by the 2nd and 3rd place. You’ll be in the spotlight and everyone will know who’s the Boss![/zilla_column] [zilla_column column="one-third"]

Don’t lose this chance to be on the top

Ever wondered how could you go to the game’s leaderboards with all those level 300, or even 800? Don’t worry. All the players’ EXP will be reset on the 15th, and everyone will start back from level 1. At the same time we will introduce some new leaderboards to make it even more fun! So, let’s see who’s gonna be the first to reach lvl 30![/zilla_column] [zilla_column column="two-third" last="true"]Content032[/zilla_column] [zilla_column column="two-third"] Content042[/zilla_column] [zilla_column column="one-third" last="true"]

Work to unlock all the power available

One of the reasons of the EXP wipe is that we’re introducing a new, level-based, progression system. All players will start at level 1 with a handful of weapons and of power-ups, and they’ll have to level up to get the rest of them. So, yes, now you have to work to put that Sniper or Bazooka to work![/zilla_column]



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